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The First-Ever Portable Squat Rack!

whether you are training for:

Vet-Bands (Health,Sport,Look Good).PNG

Vet-bands has the solution!

Vet-Bands LLC is a veteran-owned and operated business that is based out of Austin, Texas. Our singular goal is to bring the world the most advanced and accurate at-home exercise equipment on the market. Through innovation, research, and testing, Vet-Bands LLC brings the first-ever at-home portable squat machine!

Vet-Bands (Write up, inaccurate workout)

What makes us different?

For too long, department stores have been selling falsely advertised resistance bands claiming them to be 20, 50, or 100 lbs in equivalent resistance, but withholding the most important part. How far you have to stretch them to equal that weight!

We tailored our bands to you!
What should we expect?

With the bands that we have created, you will feel the real weight with each band. We offer 10, 15, 20, and 25lbs bands. So, when we say this machine will allow you to squat up to 200 lbs. in any doorframe, we are not exaggerating!

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Adjust the rack from 20 to 200 lbs.

Vet-Bands (Filling Band Rack, Full Shot)
VEt-Bands (In use with Pinpoints).PNG
Vet-Bands (Him Attaching Rack to Shoulde

How is setup?

One word... "easy"

Unfold the Spider Squat and slide it into place while tightening down the three clamps. Throw on the spider vest and choose the amount of weight you would like to squat. Connect the spider vest to the rack and the rack to the Spider Squat. You are ready to work out!

Is it Portable?


Vet-Bands (Packing It With You).PNG
Vet-Bands (Placing The Device in Suitcas
Vet-Bands (Placing The Device In Suitcas
Vet-Bands Device (portable image).PNG

The Future of weight lifting!

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Vet-Bands Device (place on doorframe).PN

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